Blackman Putting in Off-Season Work

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Blackman Wrestling Club at the Penn Freestyle/Greco Rumble in South Bend, IN

As the end of the school year approaches, you may have been wondering to yourself, “What is Blackman Wrestling doing lately?”  Easy….


Between Fight Nights every Tuesday and the hard work that our guys are putting in with Freestyle and Greco, we are staying plenty busy and improving on a daily basis.

First, fight nights have been a great success!  Wrestlers from all over the mid-state are hitting Blackman’s room and getting to work on technique, stamina and endurance.  Fight nights consist of ten, five minute matches with a partner of your choice.  Typically there are several state medalists in the room as well as state champs and several college wrestlers.  If your wrestler isn’t tested at the end of the night, it’s because they didn’t want to be!!  Fight Nights are at Blackman’s wrestling room every Tuesday night from 6pm to 7pm.  Get there early to dress out and stretch.

FIGHT NIGHTS every Tuesday at Blackman Wrestling Building

The real excitement has been the Blackman Wrestling club team!!  Olympic style wrestling (Freestyle and Greco Roman) season is in full swing.  Blackman began practicing at the end of March and our numbers and participation rate have been solid!  The best wrestlers in the state and the country are skilled at Freestyle and Greco Roman.  Learning these styles provides a lot of advantages.  Over 20 Blackman wrestlers are participating as well as several wrestlers from other schools.  Coach Eric has been doing a great job of teaching technique and getting everyone ready for competition.

Landon Fowler works for a 5 Point move

In order to get the best competition possible, the team has done some travelling this spring.  We have been to competitions in Dayton, OH, Indianapolis, IN, and South Bend, IN.  The farther North you go, the better the wrestling is and seeing good competition has provided our guys a great opportunity to prepare for the local competition they will see at the TN Freestyle/Greco state tournament held in a couple of weeks on May 13th.  In addition, the travel can be fun and for some of these guys, getting to take a wrestling trip with several teammates will be a memory that they will never forget!  For example, this last weekend, while in South Bend, we stopped by Notre Dame College and took in some incredible sights.

Blackman Wrestling Club at Notre Dame

All in all, look for all the off-season work to pay big dividends next season!