Although we all wish it was different, fundraising is an important part of high school athletics.  Throughout the year, we will have several fundraisers to help raise funds.  Just to get through a season, we need to raise about $20,000.  Some of the things we need are below.

Ø  Hydration Testing $550
Ø  Bus Transportation $2,500
Ø  Wrestling Supplies (medical, mat tape, disinfectant, ect.) $3,800
Ø  Uniforms & Apparel $2,500
Ø  Tournament Entry Fees $1,800
Ø  Referees for Duals $5,500
Ø  Hotel Fees $2,500
Ø  Food Tote for matches $600
Ø  Coaching Supplements $3,500
Ø  Banquet and Awards $1,500


So the bottom line?  WE NEED MONEY!!  🙂   If you can help, talk to a wrestler or Coach or email us at  Thanks for your support!!