The annual letter fundraiser is one of the easiest fundraisers that we do.  We will send a letter from Blackman Wrestling to friends and family members who may be willing to donate to our program.

The letter will go out in the regular mail and will include a self-addresses stamped envelope for the person to send back a check.  To see the letter, click below:

You must turn in a minimum of TEN names and addresses to complete this fundraiser.  PLEASE PLEASE work to provide names and addresses of friends and family members who are likely to help.  THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO!!   Click the button below to submit your addresses. If you can get more than ten, DO IT!!  Then just submit the form a second time.

Check the list below to see your progress (Will be updated as much as possible)


Peyton Adams 10
Blake Barrett 0
Bowdy Boyce 10
Justin Bradford 10
Justin Brown 2
Fischer Burke 0
Nathan Buzard 7
Josh Chew 5
Julian Childress 3
Julian Clarke 10
Anthony Gomez 6
Jackson Greenway 10
Cole Hays 12
Eli Heaney 13
Adin Heathcott 10
Jayden Hemphill 5
Jaylan Hughes 10
Brayden James 11
Jarrett Kimbrough 37
Austin Marlatt 11
Kyle Millwood 0
Grant Myers 24
Josiah Pajarillo 10
Tyler Pierce 11
Logan Rappa 8
Alex Rose 10
Brooks Sacharczyk 11
Hugo Sanchez 9
Gabriel Scruby 31
Mason Sells 23
Paul Smith 4
Ian Snow 0
Adam Tibitoski 10
Gavin Turner 0
William Waldon 10
David Wilkinson 21
Shawn Wolford 10
Miles Workman 22
Allyson Colson 15
Sidney Silva 10