Blackman Pre-season at Tullahoma

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Dan Fehlman Wrestles Eagleville

Blackman opened the pre-season Saturday morning with a bus ride down to Tullahoma for the first wrestling action of the year.  Like always, there was a mixture of emotions for Blackman’s wrestlers.  Some were super-nervous knowing they were on their way to stepping on the line for the very first time, some were anxious to get a chance to show off all the work they have been putting in, and some were hoping the bus was actually headed to Chik-fil-A so they could simply grab some chicken and a shake.

As always, the tournament ran well and there were many good teams in attendance.  Chatt Central, Tullahoma, Eagleville, Shelbyville, Franklin Co, Summit, Lawrence Co, Riverdale, Stewarts Creek and Oakland were all in attendance.

Blackman coaches got the chance to see where their wrestlers were and make some notes on what to work on in the coming weeks.  Many of the new Blackman parents got a chance to see their kids wrestle for the very first time and feel for the first time the energy and emotion that wrestling creates!

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All in all, it looked like Blackman will once again be a major force in Region 5.  Key Blackman starters like returning state champ Matthew Sells, and sophomore sensation Landon Fowler will anchor the Blaze lineup.  They will be complimented by a solid group of experienced grapplers such as newcomer Daniel Bradford, freshman Brooks Sacharczyk, juniors Ryan Heath and Zach Dallas and seniors Cole Lukens and Dan Fehlman.  AND, Blackman still has guys in the wing who are still dominating on the gridiron.  The young guys were impressive and look to make their presence known as well.

Pictures from the tournament are can be found HERE.

Blackman will be in pre-season action next weekend at Blackman High.  Come support the Blaze!!

  1. Valarie A Gallaher

    Congratulations on a successful tournament. Looking forward to seeing it up close and personal. Go Blackman! Sounds like wrestlers and Coaches compliment one another. Hard work pays off.