Nick Turner Gets a Big Win on Senior Night

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Blackman celebrated Senior Night with probably the greatest group of seniors in school history tonight!  While it is always tough to see our beloved young men head off into the sunset, we wished this group well knowing that they are prepared for what life is going to throw at them.  We are so proud and excited for them to continue their journey into adulthood.

CONGRATULATIONS to Blackman Seniors 2014!!

Ayinde Bakari
Austin Bishop-Pryor
Jevon Brown
Dalton Cantrell
James Frierson
Tyler Sells
Nick Turner
Hunter Vanderworp
Austin Wells

After the introductions and applause, there was great wrestling to be had.  Region 5 rival Cookeville was in town to try to spoil our night and Smyrna was in the house as well.  Our young guys gave everyone a glimpse of the future and our Seniors rolled and Blackman defeated Cookeville and Smyrna.

The match of the night was Nick Turner against a very good kid from Smyrna in an exhibition.  NIck didn’t waste any time in getting after him and ended up winning with a very dramatic pin!!  Very proud of Nick!!  See the video at the bottom of the page.




160: Tyler Garrison (BLAC) over Austin Hammons (COOK) (Dec 7-3)
170: Jevon Brown (BLAC) over Alec Shoemake (COOK) (MD 8-0)
182: Austin Pike (COOK) over Bo Blankenship (BLAC) (Dec 7-0)
195: Trent Cumby (COOK) over Andre Bravo (BLAC) (Fall 3:45)
220: Darren Houston (COOK) over Dalton Cantrell (BLAC) (Dec 6-0)
285: Austin Wells (BLAC) over Zach Dillion (COOK) (Fall 2:21)
106: Jacob Kimbrough (BLAC) over (COOK) (For.)
113: Daniel Winters (BLAC) over Justin Rogers (COOK) (Dec 9-2)
120: Murphy Elkins (COOK) over Brandon Pierce (BLAC) (Fall 3:49)
126: Michael Brobeck (BLAC) over Joe Hayden (COOK) (MD 17-6)
132: Ayinde Bakari (BLAC) over Bronson Satterfield (COOK) (MD 15-1)
138: Tristan Strader (COOK) over Juan Zavala (BLAC) (Fall 2:31)
145: Matthew Sells (BLAC) over Scott Chaffin (COOK) (Fall 1:01)
152: Dalton Underwood (COOK) over Austin Bishop-Pryor (BLAC) (Fall 4:59)

170: Trent Bandy (SMYR) over Wesley Rundle (BLAC) (Fall 5:38)
182: Keith Skinner (SMYR) over Bo Blankenship (BLAC) (Dec 5-3)
195: Keydexon Brown (SMYR) over Andre Bravo (BLAC) (Fall 3:29)
285: Austin Wells (BLAC) over (SMYR) (For.)
106: Jacob Kimbrough (BLAC) over Kevin Rogers (SMYR) (Fall 0:57)
113: Daniel Winters (BLAC) over Nathan Winters (SMYR) (Fall 1:19)
120: Brandon Pierce (BLAC) over (SMYR) (For.)
126: Michael Brobeck (BLAC) over Andrew Freund (SMYR) (Fall 2:50)
132: Isaiah Cooper (BLAC) over Blake Warmack (SMYR) (Fall 0:07)
138: Carl Templeton (SMYR) over Juan Zavala (BLAC) (Fall 5:06)
145: Matthew Sells (BLAC) over Jordan Ligon (SMYR) (Fall 0:57)
152: Hunter Vanderworp (BLAC) over Jaron Rowland (SMYR) (Fall 1:46)
160: Jaxton Wallace (SMYR) over Austin Bishop-Pryor (BLAC) (Fall 1:09)


See a GREAT set of Photos from the always wonderful Kim Baumann HERE


Nick Turner’s Big Win!!