Sells Advances to Finals

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Day 2 of the TSSAA wrestling tournament is over.  It’s been a long day and we are all heartbroken that many of the young men who have all put so much effort into wrestling in their lives came up short on their goals.  No major story tonight.  Tonight it is just congratulations to all our State Qualifiers and thanking them and our parents and coaches for all the hard work and effort this season.  We also want to wish good luck to Matthew Sells who will wrestle in the finals for a chance to win the gold medal.

After the tournament is over, we will write a more appropriate recap of the tournament and upload the picture gallery.

See you tomorrow at the AG Center!!

Oh, and I do want to share this picture from the tournament.  It says a lot about wrestling and if you look hard, it says much about life.

Matthew Sells defeats Colton McMahan at the TSSAA State Wrestling Tournament