Adversity Makes you Stronger

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Blackman’s football season is over and as any wrestling coach will tell you….”It’s About Time!”   Congrats to our wrestlers who busted their butts on the football team and helped make history as the first team from Blackman High School to make it to the TN State Semi-Finals.   We are glad they are back!   We have been missing those guys and little by little they are knocking off the rust and moving closer to wrestling shape.

Adversity has a way of showing up when you need it the least. This year we have seen our fair share of adversity. We have missed Coach Bray, lost Escue and Coggins and at least temporarily, BOTH of the Kimbrough brothers to injury!!!   The bright spot is that it’s a great opportunity for some of our other guys to see what they are made of and get some valuable mat time with the varsity team.

We have been VERY impressed with our younger guys and our future is looking bright at Blackman given the talent on our depth chart!

Blackman has begun the season 6-2 in dual meets and we gave up several forfeits along the way.

  • Blackman 45 – McGavock 36
  • Blackman 59 – Coffee Co 24
  • Blackman 68 – Warren Co 12
  • Blackman 48 – Oakland 25
  • Blackman 12 – Wilson Central 61
  • Blackman 27 – Nashville Overton 42
  • Blackman 54 – Kenwood 27